Transmission oils

Transmission oils

Brand: XADO Model: XA20020
XADO Atomic Oil ATF III is top-quality mineral oil for automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems. It contains Atomic REVITALIZANT®. Specially designed for automatic transmissions of cars produced after 1995. Also recommended to be used in cars produced before 1995. The oil is ap..
Ex Tax:9.50€
Brand: XADO Model: XA28131
XADO Atomic Oil 75W-80 GL 4 is modern semi-synthetic oil for mechanical transmissions. It contains atomic REVITALIZANT®.Advantages:Specially designed for modern high-loaded gearboxesThe oil is used for transfer cases, differentials (axles) of passenger cars and trucks where oils with API GL-4 s..
Ex Tax:11.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA28118
XADO Atomic Oil 75W-90 GL 3/4/5 is a multi-purpose multigrade synthetic oil of extra-quality for all the units of mechanical transmissions of cars and trucks (transmissions, transfer boxes, differential gears). This oil is formulated on the base of the synthetic polyalphaolefine base oil with a ..
Ex Tax:13.50€
Brand: XADO Model: XA28119
XADO Transmission Atomic Oil 80W-90 GL 3/4/5 is universal top-grade mineral oil for all units of mechanical transmissions. It contains atomic REVITALIZANT®.Advantages:The product is universally applied to all units of mechanical transmissions of passenger cars and trucks (gearboxes, transfer ca..
Ex Tax:9.80€
Brand: XADO Model: XA23121
XADO Transmission Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD is multigrade high viscosity mineral oil for units of mechanical transmissions. Contains Atomic Revitalizant. It is the best mineral transmission oil for gears with limited-slip differential. Exceeds the highest requirements API GL 5 LS for the o..
Ex Tax:12.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA20129_1
XADO ATF III/IV/V is a universal full synthetic fluid for automatic transmissions. Specially designed for automatic transmissions of modern vehicles (produced since 2003) of the leading OEM (General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi etc.). The oil is universal in applic..
Ex Tax:10.90€
Brand: XADO Model: ХА20136
XADO Transmission Atomic Oil ATF VI+ (1L) has been specially developed for Hydra-Matic 6 - the General Motors automatic transmission with extended shift intervals - up to 400,000 km.Advantages:The oil can be used with twice the extended change interval in vehicles where the specifications of DEXT..
Ex Tax:13.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA20171
XADO Transmission Atomic Oil CVT (1L) is synthetic fluid for variators. Contains atomic REVITALIZANT®. Applied in continuously variable automatic transmissions of passenger cars. Designed for the lubrication of continuously variable automatic transmissions (CVT). Particularly suitable for variato..
Ex Tax:13.90€
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