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15 Feb XADO product catalogue
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Dear XADO friends! Let us present you the XADO product catalog! Click here to view the catalog.In the catalog you can find a comprehensive set of useful and important information about products manufactured under the brand XADO. Each product is described in detail and equipped with a photo, its characteristics, main advantages and instructions for ..
25 Jan NEW! Payment with card
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NEW! PAYMENT WITH CARDNow you can pay with Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and Visa Electron payment cards in our online store! In addition to the method of payment by card, there are other forms of payment available to you:Cash on delivery (by card or cash)Via PaypalCash in advancePersonally at the company's headquarters (in the current situation we try..
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Would you try out the XADO car and drive it all weekend? Shop in the online store and participate in prize game. Maybe you win it!To participate in the prize game, you must make a purchase in the online store or register on the same page by clicking on the "register" button. You can take part in the prize draw ..
28 Oct How to extend the life of the fuel system?
Homan Eva 0 2906
During the regular use of the car and driving with normal fuel, sediments and other impurities inevitably accumulate in the fuel supply system. These deposits reduce engine power and increase fuel consumption and exhaust toxicity, which increases the risk of failure and causes engine vibration. This can be one of the reasons for damage to the injec..
06 May XADO products in the AvtoFokus Magazine
Homan Eva 0 1233
Information on the 3rd generation of 1 Stage REVITALIZANT® and Atomex fuel system cleaners has recently appeared in the famous Slovenian automotive magazine "Avtofokus".The article is available below:..
Homan Eva 0 914
XADO products are based on innovative nanotechnologies that includes Revitalizant as a unique technology. The word revitalization (latin. vita means life) can be literlly interpreted as "bringing back to life". The discovery of the revitalization phenomenon is based on the unique physical and chemical processes as a result of friction which occurs ..
01 Mar Short service intervals
Gerjevič Nino 0 12424
Kratki servisni intervali ter dobro motorno olje sta zelo pomembna dejavnika pri podaljševanju življenske dobe motorja. Kratki servisni intervali so za motor odlični, vendar pa tudi najbolj kvalitetna motorja olja ne morejo popolnoma odpraviti obrabe, ki nastaja zaradi trenja ob drgnjenju metalnih površin. XADO Revitalizant Atomic Metal Conditioner..
02 Aug Xado products at highway filling stations
Gerjevič Nino 0 5357
Xado izdelki na avtocestnih bencinskih postajališčihS ponosom predstavljamo našega novega partnerja Autogrill Slovenija, s katerimi smo pred kratkim sklenili sodelovanje za prodajo Xado izdelkov na Autogrill avtocestnih postajališčih po Sloveniji.Skupina Autogrill je eden vodilnih svetovnih dobaviteljev hrane in pijače za ljudi, ki veliko potujejo,..
02 Aug Save fuel, time and money and protect your engine
Gerjevič Nino 0 3339
Zahvaljujoč XADO izdelkom je revitalizacija postala sestavni del tehničnega vzdrževanja vozil. Med revitalizacijo se ustvari nova, večnamenska plast na parih trenja. Deli vzpostavijo prvotno velikost-tudi tiste “stotinke” in “desetinke”, za katere se je zdelo, da so bile med med delovanjem nepovratno izgubljene.Posledica je znatno povečanje in izen..
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