During the regular use of the car and driving with normal fuel, sediments and other impurities inevitably accumulate in the fuel supply system. These deposits reduce engine power and increase fuel consumption and exhaust toxicity, which increases the risk of failure and causes engine vibration. This can be one of the reasons for damage to the injection needles, pump and other parts of the fuel system.

These problems can be prevented by using fuel cleaners and particulate filters to protect parts of the fuel system. XADO® has developed a special formula for Atomex multi cleaner with added Revitalizant®, which not only cleans the fuel system, but also creates a thin protective layer. This prevents premature wear of injectors, pumps and other parts, and creates corrosion protection. This improves the operation of the fuel pump and the engine power, while also extending the service life of the fuel system parts. XADO® offers both petrol and diesel engine cleaners as well as diesel engine cleaners with a built-in DPF filter. Use the cleaners by inserting them into the fuel tank before refueling. This will safely and quickly remove all types of sediment and contaminated particles, while regulating fuel combustion to the factory level. Such cleaning of the fuel system is recommended to be performed every 5,000 kilometers driven.

What is revitalization?

REVITALIZATION® in Latin means a return to life. With the help of Revitalizants®, it creates a process that restores surfaces and ensures the restoration of worn metal surfaces. At the same time it makes ceramic-metal protection against future wear of parts

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