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Model: ХА31027
XADO Xtreme Diesel Truck DPF Cleaner (500ml) is diesel fuel additive for complete and fast restoration of diesel particulate filters (DPF). Highly effective means for diesel particulate filter cleaning without dismantling (during vehicle operation). Contains combustion catalysts which ensure ea..
Ex Tax:19.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA40278
XADO Xtreme Economy for Diesel Truck (can 0,5L) is a special additive to obtain maximum fuel economy Reduces instantaneous friction loss in the cylinder-piston group during engine operation. It provides durable effect due to accumulation of friction modifiers.Advantages:Addit..
Ex Tax:15.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA42301
XADO Xtreme Flush for Diesel Truck (500 ml) is an oil additive for cleaning the diesel engine oil system with a decarbonization effect for diesel truck engines. The product is an additive to motor oil designed for cleaning of the engine oil system of heavy trucks. It contains effective cleanin..
Ex Tax:20.90€
ХАDО EX120 for all types of fuel equipment (8ml)
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Brand: XADO Model: XA10033
ХАDО EX120 for all types of fuel equipment (blister package, syringe 8 ml) is designed to protect from wear and to provide restoring repair of all types of fuel equipment of gasoline and diesel engines. Due to its by 20% greater* active agent’s concentration, it offers strong restorati..
Ex Tax:12.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA40016
Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for Power Steering Booster is designed for revitalization – repair, restoration, antiwear protection and increase of service life of power steering booster and other hydraulic equipment parts, improvement of lubricating properties of hydraulic f..
Ex Tax:26.90€
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