Truck program

Truck program

Brand: XADO Model: XA20020
XADO Atomic Oil ATF III is top-quality mineral oil for automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems. It contains Atomic REVITALIZANT®. Specially designed for automatic transmissions of cars produced after 1995. Also recommended to be used in cars produced before 1995. The oil is ap..
Ex Tax:7.37€
Brand: XADO Model: XA40029
XADO AMC Highway for Diesel Truck (950 ml) is an engine treatment designed for use during every oil change. Highway rebuilds worn metal, reduces friction, and protects treated metal from future wear. Highway contains a much smaller amount of REVITALIZANT®  than our Maximum and Tu..
Ex Tax:41.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA40712
Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck (950ml) for diesel engines with 1 Stage REVITALIZANT® is an innovative product specially designed for diesel engines of heavy-duty vehicles with oil capacity system up to 45 L. Due to Revitalizant the product reduces friction, rebuilds worn met..
Ex Tax:114.90€
Brand: ATOMEX Model: XA40043
Atomex Chrome conditioner (spray can 500 ml) is a special product for cleaning and taking care of decorative chrome-plated surfaces.Advantages:refreshes chrome-plated parts of cars, motorcycles and other vehiclesremoves a dull layer, dark spots, and corrosion and gives shine to partsprovid..
Ex Tax:8.19€
Brand: ATOMEX Model: XA40046
Atomex Compartment cleaner (spray can 500 ml) is an effective and easy-to-use product designed to clean car compartment upholstery (natural and artificial fabric, napped fabric, carpeting, plastic etc.).Advantages:applicable to all car upholstery fabricseasily cleans the upholstery and removes oil a..
Ex Tax:8.19€
Brand: ATOMEX Model: XA40044
Atomex dashboard polish (spray can 500 ml) is a product for cleaning and renewing a car compartment. Agent to take care of plastic, wooden, leather and vinyl parts of a car compartment. Easy-to-use product for cleaning and renewing a dashboard and other parts.Advantages:easily and quickly eliminates..
Ex Tax:8.19€
Brand: ATOMEX Model: XA40045
Atomex Leather care matte shine (spray can 500 ml) is a product designed to take care of natural and artificial leather upholstery (seats, doors, panels etc.). It contains castor oil!Advantages:Quickly penetrates into the leather structure and removes contaminationsRestores leather elasticityCovers ..
Ex Tax:8.19€
Brand: ATOMEX Model: XA40047
XADO Atomex Rubber and plastic conditioner (spray can 500 ml) is used to treat tires, bumpers, moldings, mirrors, dashboards and other rubber and plastic parts of cars.Advantages:cleans microcracks and scratches from dirt and fills them inrestores initial colour and shineprotects from fading and cra..
Ex Tax:8.19€
Brand: ATOMEX Model: XA40040
Atomex Tire sealant (aerosol can 500 ml) is designed for eliminating poor tightness of tubed and tubeless tires. Applied to passenger cars and light trucks.Advantages:Repairs in 1 minuteDoes not impact wheel balanceReliably seals leaksDoes not freeze in winterApplication:Remove the object that has p..
Ex Tax:8.19€
Brand: XADO Model: XA20754
XADO Atomic hydraulic Oil VHLP 46 (200L) is a series of hydraulic oils with high antiwear properties and high viscosity index. The oils differ from each other by their viscosity. The oils are specially designed for multiloop hydraulic systems. They are also applied for circulation lubrication system..
Ex Tax:3.20€
Brand: XADO Model: XA40026
XADO Atomic metal conditioner 1 stage maximum for diesel truck is designed for repair, restoration and antiwear protection of fuel equipment in diesel engines of heavy duty vehicles and equipment. During the treatment of fuel pumps REVITALIZANT® forms a ceramic-metal coating on surfaces of fric..
Ex Tax:26.90€
Brand: XADO Model: XA20745
XADO Atomic Oil 10W-40 E4/E6/E7 is synthetic motor oil manufactured according to «low SAPS» technology for ultra-high performance diesel engines (UHPD). It contains Atomic REVITALIZANT®. Multigrade motor oil applied in ultra-high-performance diesel engines Euro IV (V), where the application of ..
Ex Tax:7.10€
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