Brand: VERYLUBE Model: XB40906
XADO Verylube Cleaning Foam (500 ml) is gun barrels cleaning foam. Safe product for cleaning the internal surfaces of the barrel bore from copper residues. Applied to rifled and smooth-bore arms of any caliber. Foam cleaning method of barrels is approved by NATO. Due to its high effici..
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Brand: VERYLUBE Model: XB40903
XADO Verylube Cleaning Grease - XADO Verylube čistilna mast v spreju (500 ml) je zasnovana za redno vzdrževanje strelnega orožja Izdelek vsebuje atomski Revitalizant. Zanesljivo ščiti dele pred korozijo, tudi če jih hranite na prostem dlje časa. Uporablja se za puške z majhn..
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Brand: VERYLUBE Model: XB40904
XADO Verylube Conserving Grease (500 ml) is spray grease for conserving, cleaning and lubricating arms before storage. It contains REVITALIZANT®. It provides reliable protection of arms from corrosion even if stored outdoors for a long time. Used for small and large caliber rifled and smoot..
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Brand: VERYLUBE Model: XB20250
XADO Verylube Flushing Oil for engine and manual transmission (packet 2L) is flushing oil for engines and transmissions. Mineral low-viscosity oil with a complex of special additives to flush the engine and transmission. Contains REVITALIZANT®.Advantages:Absolutely safe f..
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Brand: VERYLUBE Model: XB30032
XADO Verylube Radiator Flush (250 ml) quickly, within 10 minutes, dissolves deposits, dirt and rust accumulated in the radiator and cooling system. It is recommended to apply the product each time when changing the coolant.Advantages:Quickly cleans the cooling system.Removes scale, rust and contamin..
Ex Tax:8.19€
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