XADO Verylube Radiator Flush (250 ml)

XADO Verylube Radiator Flush (250 ml)

XADO Verylube Radiator Flush (250 ml)
XADO Verylube Radiator Flush (250 ml)
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XADO Verylube Radiator Flush (250 ml) quickly, within 10 minutes, dissolves deposits, dirt and rust accumulated in the radiator and cooling system. It is recommended to apply the product each time when changing the coolant.


  • Quickly cleans the cooling system.
  • Removes scale, rust and contaminations.
  • Creates a protective anticorrosive film on parts of the cooling system.
  • Neutralizes acids, protects the system from corrosion.
  • Increases the efficiency of engine cooling.

Application instructions:

        1. Warm up the engine, it should be warm but not hot.
        2. Pour the product into the radiator tank when the engine is not running.
        3. Start the engine and idle it for 10 minutes with the heating switched on.
        4. Flush the cooling system, and namely:
        • - stop the engine;
        • - drain the used coolant;
        • - fill the cooling system with water and idle the engine for 2–3 minutes;
        • - stop the engine, drain the water from the system and add a new coolant.


        The antifreeze in the cooling system is under pressure when the engine is hot. Be careful when opening the radiator cap: hot coolant or steam might escape from the system.

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